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Perma Treat will clean, protect and bring new life to your hard surface flooring, inside and out!

Flooring Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing

Sealing your tile and grout is a crucial step to help you keep it clean and stain free. Perma Treat uses our own proprietary sealant that creates an impermeable layer below the surface of the porous tile and grout, providing maximum protection and making these areas easier to clean.

Most sealers only last six months to a year and then require resealing. With Perma Treat’s guaranteed sealer, your tile and grout will be permanently sealed. Tile types include ceramic tile, trav

Perma Treat’s 4-step cleaning and sealing process will solve your problem.

Step 1: Free Evaluation and Estimate

What is the condition of your tile and grout?  What will it take to restore the beauty of these surfaces and make them easier to clean? What will it cost?

Call Perma Treat and set up an appointment for a free evaluation and written estimate. We come to you!

Step 2: Cleaning

The most important step before sealing is to make sure the surface is completely clean. To begin cleaning, our technicians apply our proprietary cleaning solutions. Developed for hotels by our chemists here in the US, these are no ordinary cleaners.

Cleaning continues with our industrial steam cleaning machine operating at 275° F and 75 PSI, we safely but effectively deep clean, disinfect and sterilize the surface to professional standards.

Step 3: Apply Our Perma Treat Sealer

Once the cleaning process is complete, we apply our Perma Treat Sealer to protect your hard surfaces. This is no ordinary sealer! We use our own proprietary sealer designed by our chemists here in the US, using nanotechnology to go below the surface to bond with the material.

Step 4: Written Guarantee

We guarantee your job in writing. Your tile and grout will be brought back to as clean as possible and sealed permanently. If the seal ever fails, we will come back and seal it for free.  So give us a call for a free evaluation and estimate. We will bring your flooring back to life!

Tile Regrouting & Grout Repair

Did you know that taking one ten-minute shower each day is equal to over 1,000 inches of rain falling in your shower? This means that every time you use your shower, small holes or cracks in your tile grout might be allowing water to find its way behind the tile and make contact with the wall. If left unchecked, the wall can become deteriorated to the point where the shower needs to be rebuilt from scratch.

That’s where Perma Treat comes in.

Our trained technicians are the experts in regrouting tile countertops. Regrouting allows you to change the grout color and can oftentimes make it appear as though you’ve replaced all your tile.

Tile Grouting

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