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Step 1: Free Evaluation and Estimate

What is the condition of your outdoor surfaces? What will it take to return the beauty to your hard surfaces and make them easier to clean? What will it cost?

Call Perma Treat and set up an appointment for a free evaluation and written estimate. Our trained professionals will come to you and provide you with a complete evaluation and price.

Step 2: Cleaning

The most important step before sealing is to make sure the surface is completely clean. To begin cleaning, our technicians apply our proprietary cleaning solutions. Developed for hotels by our chemists here in the US, these are no ordinary cleaners. Cleaning continues with our industrial steam cleaning machine operating at 275° F and 75 PSI, we safely but effectively deep clean, disinfect and sterilize the surface to professional standards.

Step 3: Apply Our Perma Treat Sealer

Once the cleaning process is complete, we apply our Perma Treat Sealer to protect your hard surfaces. This is no ordinary sealer! We use our own proprietary sealer designed by our chemists here in the US, using nanotechnology to go below the surface to bond with the material.

Step 4: Written Guarantee

We guarantee your job.* Your surfaces will be brought back to as clean as possible and sealed permanently. After the job is complete you will receive a copy of your written warranty. So give us a call for a free evaluation and estimate. We will bring your surfaces back to life!

*Please note that warranty coverage is subject to limitations outlined in the terms and conditions.